Yearly Archives: 2018

Jefferson was not a benevolent slave owner and doesn’t need any apologists

More than one year ago, a discussion on Twitter regarding the enslaved woman Sally Hemings (owned by Thomas Jefferson) led me to post here a text discussing how problematic is to refer to enslaved women as mistresses. Although it is obvious that enslaved women had no other choice than to have sexual intercourse with their masters […]

Enegrecendo o Museu do Louvre : Beyoncé, Jay Z e os Legados da escravidão   Recently updated !

O vídeo da música Apes**t de Beyoncé e Jay Z reanima o diálogo sobre a escravidão e seus legados. A música é parte do novo álbum conjunto do casal Carter. Longe dos Estados Unidos, os Carters ocuparam o Museu do Louvre, um dos mais importantes museus de arte do mundo e sem dúvida um dos maiores […]

Blackening the Louvre Museum: Beyoncé, Jay Z, and the Legacies of Slavery

The video of the song Apes**t  by Beyoncé and Jay Z revives the conversation about slavery and its legacies. The song is part of the couple’s new joint album as the Carters. Far from the United States, the Carters occupied the Louvre Museum, one of the most important art museums in the world and greatest […]